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My student research project SnOil from 2004 is featured in Tangible, a new book by Gestalten.

24. February 2009 | snoil | Comments (1) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

There is a short article about JITWatch in the latest issue of FASTCOMPANY magazine. Thanks to Lisa LaMotta!

22. July 2007 | jitwatch | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

A few days after Next Magazine China released an article about CabBoots, I received this lovely mail... how thoughtful ;-)

05. April 2007 | cabboots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

Rocketboom reports about BartendersGuide and CabBoots. Saskia, the representative of Katrin Bauernfeind had some fun with my CabBoots on ehrensenf.de (don't miss the end). Thanks!

18. February 2007 | misc | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

There has been a lot of coverage about my projects in the last days. Just to mention a few: Gizmodo, Engadget, Designspotter 1+ 2, Make, Popgadget, ShinyShiny, Neatorama, Wired... Thanks to all for your interest! A special thanks to Jonah Brucker-Cohen for doing this wonderful interview for Gizmodo Gallery. Btw. I really got a lot of email feedback and I'll try to reply to all of them... could take some time.

13. February 2007 | misc | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

Just came back from FH Würzburg, the university I studied before I went to UdK Berlin. They invited me together with a couple of graduates to exhibit a current project at an event called "design.digital". So I took my CabBoots with me and had the chance to demonstrate them to a bunch of interested students and visitors. Furthermore it was a pleasure to meet my Profs Erich Schöls and Uli Braun again after more than 3 years and to meet a few former fellow students like Michael, Martin, Jan, Esther, Sebastian, Wiebke and others.

12. January 2007 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

My academic paper about CabBoots has been accepted to TEI '07 - First International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction. The meeting takes place at Baton Rouge, Luisiana, USA. I look forward to meet a lot of interesting People in the area of HMI. The conference program and attendees list sounds very promising.

05. January 2007 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

My former professor Erich Schöls from FH Würzburg invited me to show my CabBoots at an event called "design.digital" (11. Jan 2007). So I look forward to be back in Wuerzburg after more than three years...

29. December 2006 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

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There is a stream of the Top Talent Award Gala online at telekom.at. Unfortunately it's a Windows Media Stream, so i grabbed the scene of the CabBoots prize-giving.

27. November 2006 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

CabBoots is a Nominee for the TTA 06, Category "Mobile Content". Exhibition, Presentation and Award Cerenomy takes place in Vienna, Austria, Nov 24.-25. 2006.

15. October 2006 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

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When I came back to the hotel last night after the farewell party here in linz I turned on the television. And what did i see? A nice report about Ars Electronica in the telecast "kulturzeit" on 3sat including a short feature about CabBoots.

06. September 2006 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg

It really was a great time here in Linz. I uploaded a few pictures to flickr.com

05. September 2006 | CabBoots | Comments (0) | Email | +del.icio.us | +digg
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