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Martin Frey. interaction and interface designer
Martin Frey
Martin Frey
Diplom Designer (FH)
Absolvent der Universität
der Künste Berlin
Martin Frey is a Prfoessor at OTH Amberg-Weiden.

He designs screen-based and tangible interactions. In doing so, he has experience in developing and implementing complex interactive systems and interfaces for different industries, like financial services, consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications and health. Additionally, a broad understanding of technology and his background in graphic design enables him to quickly develop functional and interactive experience prototypes.

Martin holds a degree in graphic design from the University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg and in interaction design from the University of the Arts, Berlin. His work has been presented at international exhibitions and academic conferences like at the Museum Of Modern Art New York City (MoMA), ARS Electronica, transmediale and TEI and received awards like the International Design Excellence Award (IDSA IDEA®), D&AD, iF Communication Design, Europrix TTA, digitalsparks and Joseph Binder Award. Martin's projects are published in international print and television magazines like Fast Company, Next Magazine China and Kulturzeit.
since 2013Professor, OTH Amberg-Weiden
2007 - 2013Interaction Designer, IDEO
various teaching and lecturing activities, e.g. at UID, Sweden and CIID, Denmark
2007Lectureship, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, department design
2006»Absolvent« of the University of Arts Berlin, passed with distinction
2004 - 2006Studies at the University of Arts Berlin, with Prof. Joachim Sauter
2003 - 2007Freelance Graphic and Interaction Designer
2003Diplom Designer, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
1998 - 2003Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, department design
1997 - 1998Community service, »Johanniter Unfallhilfe« - care of the elderly, Amberg
1997Abitur, Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium, Amberg

Awards, Exhibitions, Presentations (Selection)
IDSA IDEA® award 2011 | International Design Excellence Award (Industrial Designers Society of America) for BBVA ATM (IDEO) | Project: | IDSA IDEA® award 2011 | Wed 1. Jun '11 / New Orleans, USA
D&AD award 2011 | D&AD Award (in Book) for BBVA ATM (IDEO) | Project: | D&AD award 2011 | Sun 1. May '11 / London, GB
iF communication design award | iF communication design award for BBVA ATM (IDEO) | Project: | iF communication design award | Tue 1. Feb '11 / Hannover, Germany
TTA '06 Winner | Europrix Top Talents Award 2006 Winner - Category Mobile Contents | Project: CabBoots | Europrix Top Talent Award | Sat 25. Nov '06 / Vienna, Austria
Digital Sparks '06 | Honorary Mention at Digital Sparks 2006 | Project: CabBoots | Digital Sparks | Mon 1. May '06 / Karlsruhe, Germany
MMT '04 Finalist | Finalist at the Multimedia Transfer 2004 Award (participation not possible due to a stay in India) | Project: Em. Schnittstelle | MultimediaTransfer | Fri 30. Jan '04 / Karlsruhe, Germany
Joseph Binder Award '02 Winner | Joseph Binder Award in bronze in the category 'Visions - Media Design, Digitales Gestalten' | Project: spiderman | Joseph Binder Award | Tue 15. Oct '02 / Vienna, Austria
Exhibitions, Presentations
design.digital | Project: CabBoots | Exhibition at "design.digital", FH Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt, Faculty Design, Wuerzburg, Germany | Thu 11. Jan '07 / Wuerzburg, Germany
EUROPRIX Top Talent Festival '06 | Project: CabBoots | EUROPRIX Top Talent Festival '06 | Fri 24. Nov - Sun 26. Nov '06 / Vienna, Austria
Ars Electronica Festival 2006 | Project: CabBoots | Festival for Art, Technology and Society | Thu 31. Aug - Tue 5. Sep '06 / Linz, Austria
designmai '06 | Project: CabBoots, CabTrails | designmai '06 / designtransfer Galerie | Thu 18. May - Sun 21. May '06 / Berlin, Germany
REALITY CHECK/ transmediale.06 | Project: CabBoots | REALITY CHECK @ c-base/ partner event transemdiale.06 | Wed 1. Feb - Mon 6. Feb '06 / c-base, Berlin, Germany
RE/ACT '05 | Project: CabBoots | RE/ACT 2005, halle_02, Heidelberg | Fri 2. Dec - Sun 4. Dec '05 / Heidelberg, Germany
UdK Rundgang | Project: CabBoots, SnOil | Exhibition at UdK, Berlin | Fri 15. Jul - Sun 17. Jul '05 / Berlin, Germany
UdK Rundgang | Project: First Contact | Exhibition at UdK, Berlin | Fri 16. Jul - Sun 18. Jul '04 / Berlin, Germany
"die digitale Klasse zeigt:" | Project: Herman | Presentation at UdK, Berlin | Tue 11. May '04 / Berlin, Germany
Reports, Publications (Selection)
kulturzeit, 3sat | There was a short coverage about ARS Electronica Festival 2006 in the german, austrian, swiss tv journal "kulturzeit" on channel 3sat, including CabBoots. | Project: CabBoots | kulturzeit, 3sat | Tue 5. Sep '06
movie kulturzeit, 3sat from 5th sep '06movie kulturzeit, 3sat (CabBoots Part)

ZiB3, ORF2 | ARS Electronica Festival 2006 in the austrian news magazine "ZiB3", on channel ORF2... including a short interview about CabBoots. | Project: CabBoots | ZiB3, ORF2 | Fri 1. Sep '06

Sonntagsfahrer, radioeins rbb | Interview about CabBoots in the pupular german radio station radioeins rbb. | Project: CabBoots | Sonntagsfahrer, radioeins rbb | Sun 1. Oct '06
      Sonntagsfahrer, radioeins rbbCabboots at Sonntagsfahrer

Welt am Draht, SWR2 | Radio coverage about the award "digital sparks" and CabBoots. | Project: CabBoots | Welt am Draht, SWR2 | Mon 3. Jul '06
      Welt am Draht, SWR2CabBoots section

FASTCOMPANY | The monthly US-Magazine FASTCOMPANY reports about JITWatch | Project: JITWatch | FASTCOMPANY

NextMagazine | The Chinese NextMagazine reports about CabBoots | Project: CabBoots | NextMagazine

Simplicity - Ars Electronica Festival 2006 | The exhibition catalogue of Ars Electronica Festival 2006 - Simplicity - includes a description of CabBoots in english and german. | Project: CabBoots | Simplicity - Ars Electronica Festival 2006
pdf Simplicity - Ars Electronica Festival 2006 exhibition catalogue of Ars Electronica Festival 2006

RE/ACT '05 | There is a short description (english/german) of CabBoots in the exhibition catalogue of RE/ACT '05. | Project: CabBoots | RE/ACT '05
pdf RE/ACT '05 exhibition catalogue of RE/ACT '05

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